A Guide to Creating

I believe that all humans have a desire to create: to put thoughts out into the world in a beautiful form. So here it is: A Guide to Creating!

1. Pick a medium

Pick a medium you feel comfortable in and find beauty in. From writing, drawing, music, film making, photography, cooking, fashion; there are so many to choose from! Just make sure you have some basic skills and you are passionate about it.

2. Supplies

Gather supplies that inspire you to use them. I’m not saying to go out and invest hundreds of dollars into paint and canvas, but if you can afford it, treat yourself to some good quality supplies. It really makes a world of difference. However, if you are living paycheck to paycheck have no fear! You can create multitudes of projects with just paper and pen.

3. Atmosphere

Get yourself into a creative headset, however you can. For me, I need chill music, a table to spread out on, and an idea in my head. Make your creative time a sacred time of peace. Set aside time, set aside a corner of a room, and get in the mindset to express.

4. An Idea

This is where most of us trip up. We can feel ready to create, but we must have a general idea of what we will create. But writer’s/artist’s block is a simple problem to fix, especially with the internet at our fingertips. Look up recipes, or find some writing prompts. Try to see what the pros are doing. If structure ain’t your thing, then try to look for ideas through other mediums. You’d be surprised at how many creative writing pieces of mine are inspired by song lyrics. At the beginning stages, don’t worry if your idea is unoriginal; that’s what editing is for! Also, don’t be afraid to abandon old ideas. We all get stuck, and there’s no point in trying to work with something that doesn’t excite you.

5. Create!

Just do it. Don’t think too much about the technicalities. There’s really no guide to this step- just let your thoughts and emotions pour out of you.

6. For when you inevitably get stuck

There is always a low point in any creative process: the point where nothing turns out right, and it seems like you’ve just wasted all your time to create a piece of crap. Don’t let this voice talk down to you. Know that this happens to everyone, and then brainstorm what could make it better. At this point, don’t be afraid to change your original idea. Sometimes you must completely scrap your original idea, and sometimes you must only tweak a few elements. Use your best judgement until you are satisfied with your work.

7. Translation

This is only a step for those of us who want to share our work with the world. Fortunately and unfortunately, we each have different languages we think in. So, if you wish to create something that others can relate to, you must translate your work into something the public can understand. This will mean different things for different people; writers must revise and edit, artists must outline and create tangible shapes, film makers must add a narration, etc.

The process could start now. If you’ve always dreamed of doing something creative, today is the day to go out and do it! Close your screen and go follow these steps. I’m here for you on this journey. Feel free to share your work with me in the comments! Happy creating!


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