I am struggling with blogging

It’s time to be honest- I am struggling with blogging. I am struggling with all of my writing. This is why I have posted barely anything this summer. My main problem is that I struggle to stay passionate throughout the process. I get an idea that finally invigorates me, sit down to write it, and then… nothing. My idea sounds dumb a few sentences in, and I just give up- and that’s how I end up with ten drafts with nothing but ideas and thoughts. It even happened with this blog post.

I know most of my writer friends (who I have not been good at catching up with, my apologies!) are sitting there screaming at me, “JUST KEEP WRITING!” This seems to be the most popular cure for writer’s… funk. And you know what? They’re probably right. I should just keep writing without judgement or editing. So why am I not doing that? Well, I am in therapy right now for help uprooting my self-judgement problem. It’s sadly not as simple as just doing it. Maybe I’m just making excuses, though. Maybe it is as simple as just doing it, and I am refusing to just do it.

So, what I am hoping for by writing this post? I’m honestly not sure. Maybe I want support, maybe I want to re-ignite my writing flame. I guess I just wanted to share an explanation for my lack of posts. Thanks for all of your support.