Addressing the Name of this Blog

“Listen, I know

This one’s a contradiction because of how happy it sounds,

But the lyrics are so down.”

– Not Today by twenty one pilots

Listen, I know

The name of this blog is a contradiction because of how happy it sounds,

But it’s content is so down.

Okay, but really though. When choosing a name for this blog, I went with carefreemanatee because 1. It freaking rhymed!!! 2. It was cute, and 3. It wasn’t taken (how?!?!). I don’t exactly remember how I came up with it in the first place, though I suspect it was with the help of a username generator.

But its been 2 years since I’ve created this blog (with no content on it until last month, might I add) and it just doesn’t feel right anymore. Sure, it’s still cute and rhyme-y, but it’s just ironic that a blog that talks about anxiety has the adjective “carefree” in the title. I am the opposite of carefree. I have a mental disorder that prohibits me from being carefree, for God’s sake!

No, I don’t think I’ll be changing the name of this blog (though if I do, I’m definitely going to do a play on “Annie are you okay?” from Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal- have I ever mentioned that my name is Annie?). This post was just to acknowledge the irony elephant (or should I say manatee? No? Okay.) in the room surrounding the name of this blog. And maybe it’s just ironic enough to be a juxtaposition.

Yeah, sure, that was what I was going for all along!


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