The Happiest Girl in the World

This poem was inspired by one of my favorite videos: “The Happiest Girl in the World” by SoSonia on the SoulPancake YouTube channel:


She is the happiest girl in the world.


She spends every single day staring out her bedroom window.

Though she can barely manage to leave this room,

She knows that one day the world will be hers

For the cherishing, and for the conquering.


She creates imaginary lovers for herself,

But she remembers to remember that they are out there somewhere,

And that the universe will bring them together when the time is right,

And then she will, at last, fall in sweet, sweet love.


Her insides are caving in on themselves,

But she uses her addiction to optimism as a cement to her temple.

Loving others keeps her upright,

And sunflowers still make her heart sing.



The voices tell her to give up.

They tell her that life is too scary to be worth it.

But she is learning to be brave, and to laugh in their faces

And say, “You can keep trying to hold me down,

But I won’t give up without a fight.”


She is the happiest girl in the world.

Even though she can’t go a day without her tear ducts crying out,

And even though she goes to 3 therapy appointments a week,

And even though she is on 5 medications for her anxiety disorders,

She is the happiest girl in the world

Because she is keeping her hope in her heart while walking through hell.


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