Nostalgia is such a funny thing. Nostalgia is a fondness or yearning to return to past times. Nostalgia can feel like putting on your favorite comfy sweater, or it can feel like an aching in the chest for something that is impossible to have.

I’m a very nostalgic person- but really who can blame us teenagers? Our childhoods may have well been yesterday, and childhoods, to any age, are perhaps the most appealing times of our lives. No responsibilities, no judgement, just living in its purest form. But we forget about the not so great parts of childhood too- having no responsibility, having little emotional intelligence, throwing tantrums, being bored, and so on.

Nostalgia happens because we glamorize our pasts. We see only the highlight reel of yesterday, and it only gets worse the more time goes by. When we are in a nostalgic frame of mind, we conveniently forget about all the not-so-great moments of our past until it seems picture perfect- unlike our lives now, perhaps.

So is nostalgia a good or bad feeling? Well, my silly friend, there are no good or bad feelings! But it is important to both feel what we are feeling and also to make sure we are not falling into any thought holes. So, let us be nostalgic for times past, but let us not be hasty in imagining the past as perfect, as the present never seems to be.


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