April Movie Wrap Up

This month I read… drum roll please… 5 movies! Man, I guess April was a bad month for watching movies too. What the heck was I doing all April?! Anyways, here are my reviews:

1. Beauty and the Beast: 7/10 stars 

Image result for beauty and the beast

Maybe I’ll make another post on my, ahem, opinions on the, ahem, Disney remakes. Nonetheless I gave into the hype and saw this in theaters, and it was pretty good! The CGI made it an extra magical experience, and I liked how they made the Beast, and others, into a deeper character. My biggest criticism would be the pacing- it draaaaaaged on at some points. Also, don’t be expecting any new story lines or anything- this is a true remake that doesn’t stray from the original plot. So, do I think this movie was necessary? No. Did I enjoy it? Yes- Disney played their magic on me yet again!

2.  The Social Network: 9/10 stars

Image result for the social network poster


This was a rewatch, but it doesn’t matter because this is still one of my favorite movies of all time. It is such a great example of showing flawed characters- even Mark freaking Zuckerburg showed his asshole side in this movie ABOUT HIM! Everyone is complex, and this makes you, the viewer, conflicted as to whether you should be cheering for them or booing them. And this movie doesn’t have a happy ending either- it ends as many things do in real life, and it leaves the viewer not knowing what to think, but in a way that they will continue to ponder the movie for days after watching it.

3. The Fundamentals of Caring: 9/10

Image result for the fundamentals of caring

This one was beautiful. It is the story of a disabled young man who dreams of seeing the world but never ended up leaving his house, and his caretaker with a sad past who wants Trevor to live his life to the fullest. Remember, this is my able-bodied perspective of the movie, so take it with a grain of salt and try to seek out reviews by disabled people. In my perspective, this isn’t some movie that uses disabled people as inspiration-porn (trust me, Trevor can be a dick) but rather shows the real life of this disabled man. I am having trouble describing why I love this one so much. It is funny, it is sad, and it is real. The relationships Trevor grows with people, especially Ben his caretaker, are so phenomenal. I’m sorry if this one wasn’t very coherent- just take it as a sign that I loved the movie.

4. Keeping Up With the Joneses: 5/10 Stars

Image result for keeping up with the joneses

Meh. I don’t ever LOVE action movies, and I’m tending to find the same with action comedies. There actually wasn’t a whole lot of comedy outside the occasional Zach Galifianakis gaff. It served well as a family movie night movie, but it was just another case of Hollywood throwing their money at well-known celebrities and at stunt men to create another haphazard “film.” I’m being a little harsh- I did laugh at some of the jokes, and I did feel the suspense it was building, it’s just nothing new from the Hollywood action scene.

5. The Circle: 8/10 Stars

Image result for the circle

The Circle, based on the book by Dave Eggers, is the story of a monopoly technology corporation, and an intern who goes up its ranks and discovers its dark secrets and the power that it wields. This movie has been getting bad ratings, but I don’t really see why. Well, that’s not right. I do see where people are coming from and I myself was frustrated with the abrupt ending and with the amount of questions the movie raised and didn’t answer. But overall, this movie blew my mind. It brought up so many interesting controversies like our codependency on technology, the importance of privacy from corporations, and how power can become addicting. I would say to watch this movie just for its premise and theme, but you can decide for yourself if you liked the rest of it.



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